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“Off Yer Bike”


Following a joint initiative by West Yorkshire Police and Newsome Ward Councillors a number of illegal trail bikes and quad bikes have been seized. Riders of these bikes frequently use them without helmets are uninsured and ride on footpaths and fields in the area causing noise and disturbance. Newsome Ward Green Councillors funded the time for a special Police Trail bike unit to operate in the area and spent time with local residents spotting when the illegal activity was going on to direct the police. One youth in Newsome fled from police who had cornered him leaving his bike behind. This will now be sent to the crusher


Councillor Andrew Cooper said:

“We’re obviously pleased about this but realise that there will be other bikes out there that are being used illegally. I’d like to thank all the local people who kept us informed and we will do all we can to get these bikes seized, removed and crushed”

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