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Social Care

Kirklees Greens have placed Social Care as their top priority.

The biggest area of Kirklees spending is supporting vulnerable adults and children. We believe that how we treat people who have the greatest needs is how we should be judged as a society. We will do all we can to protect services for those on most need.

Protecting our green fields from development

We will push Kirklees hard to establish A Local Plan which will help protect land and extend the greenbelt around Castle Hill.

Getting all Parties to work together on the Council

Kirklees Council has been a ‘Hung Council’ for 15 years with no party having an overall majority. This has had advantages where Greens have been able to influence whichever was the largest Party at the time. With huge reductions to Council Budgets we will renew our call for an ‘All Party Cabinet’ following the elections to tackle the huge issues we face due to Government cuts.

Finding new ways for Kirklees to raise income to support local services

Greens have successfully proposed a new scheme that will allow Kirklees Building Services to provide services to private households. They will be able to service and replace gas boilers, insulate homes and fit solar panels. The surplus from this venture could help support local projects and vital services.

An alternative option to food banks

A successful Green Party proposal will see new Community Shops established in Huddersfield to help prevent people getting into crisis, and be less reliant on where instead of food banks; people on low incomes will be able to get surplus food that was going to landfill for a third the usual price. This low cost food offer will last for a 6 month period to allow families to get back on their feet and will be linked to debt and money advice. This project will enable ease the pressure on existing food banks and enable them to focus on immediate and crisis support.



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