Colne Valley Green Party

The Colne Valley Green Party have two elected officials; Sonia King is our representative on Meltham Town Council, and Darryl Gould is on the Holme Valley Parish Council covering the Wooldale Ward.

Chair: Nina Roberts

Time to press the reset button on all we know

By andrewcooper | 11th June 2020 | 0 Comments

“Normal life” is on hold.” For many of us the ‘pause’ button has been pressed on all we know. The all consuming,  news dominating B word ‘Brexit’ has been replaced with the C-word ‘Corona’ or ‘Covid19’.  The physical places where we once came together as a society, where we met, collaborated, planned and had a […]

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Kirklees climate Emergency Protest

By andrewcooper | 15th November 2019 | 0 Comments

Green Party members joined a demonstration by local campaigners outside the Town Hall in Huddersfield on 13th November before the Kirklees full council debated the Climate Emergency Report.   In the debate many councillors felt it was an important step forward and should not be a party political issues. But there were significant criticism about […]

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